Oh La La Skin Care Routine…

Good Morning everyone.. Hope you are having a great week so far. I decided in today’s post to share with you My Daily AM Skin Care Routine. This skin care routine I have been using for some time now, and I can honestly say I LOVE IT!!! My skin has never been healthier, has never felt better and best of all my skin is extremely clear and very healthy!!!

{c/o: One Love Organics }
My morning routine starts with washing my face with “*One Love Organics Easy Does It” Foaming Cleanser. This cleanser is literally AMAZING!! If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you have probably seen me constantly talking about this stuff. I am seriously IN LOVE with this stuff. Literally the smallest pea size amount will clean your entire face, it smells very refreshing, and cleans your skin so great without over drying. Concentrated with organic Chilean soap bark, cold pressed apple oil, and vegetable glycerin; this organic product is a healthy for your skin product that all skin types will be in heaven using. Highly recommended. I use this product both day and night. 
{Mario Badescu Glycolic Toner}
The next step in my morning routine is toning. I am a HUGE fan of the Mario Badescu  Glycolic Toner. With 2 % glycolic acid; this product not only exfoliates your skin, it also refreshes and helps with all skin types. If you have dry skin this product help exfoliate the flakeys; for normal to oily skin it helps keep congested pores at bay. It is very sensitive for all skin types. Helps skin look vibrant and the best part is it helps with past blemish scars and discolorations. 
{c/o: Dr. Alkaitis  }
Another product I cant help raving about on Twitter has been the *Dr. Alkaitis Nourishing Treatment Oil. This stuff is literally like HEAVEN in a bottle. It smells AMAZING!! It absorbs very quickly without making your skin greasy at all. It doesn’t clog pores; nourishes dry skin and has literally helped my skin tone feel more even and radiant. This is serious a new Holy Grail product. I am OBSESSED!!!
{Cera Ve Daily Moisturizing Lotion AM }
Next step is a good day moisturizer with an SPF in it. Two years ago I read in InStyle magazine about this moisturizer that is highly recommended by dermatologists and skin care gurus. It is seriously my go to day moisturizer, and the best part is it under $15 dollars and it is AMAZING.  This stuff helps repair and restore skins natural protective barrier. It is packed full of ceramides, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid and SPF 30. This stuff is GREAT. It is lightweight and non- greasy. I recommend this to anyone and EVERYONE!!!
{c/o : Dr. Alkaitis }
Last step in the daily morning routine is a GREAT eye cream. And boy OH boy.. I have found a GREAT one. This eye cream is great for helping out fine lines, decreasing dark circles and helping with the puffiness. I am seriously hooked on this stuff. I have seriously noticed a huge difference in the puffiness, dark circles, and has helped the oh so dreaded crows feet slightly disappear. I am IN LOVE. It smells yummy like Shea butter almost, and it literally makes the eye area feel refreshed all day long. It helps as a great primer for the under eye area; since in all weather climates it tends to be very dehydrated; this stuff brings the moisture back and helps out with concealer staying power without creasing.  LOVE!!!

Yes to Tomatoes

The next item that I use in my morning skin care routine is the YES to Tomatoes Roller Ball Spot Stick. I use this when I feel a breakout coming on or when I am trying to heal one quickly. {I am a huge picker over here when I have a breakout… I know, I know.. BAD. But for me its a habit} This stick it great. Its very affordable and soothing. It has a metal tip so its anti-micro bacterial and cooling at the same time. {Huge on NOT spreading germs or more breakouts.. so this is GREAT!!}. It literally helps heal a blemish in about 3 days or so fully. But after 1 day you will see HUGE differences. Contains ginger root {helps inflammation}; and bisabolol that helps with redness. This stick is MUST for me when it comes to breakouts, and its 99% natural. LOVE!!!

I have been loving this skin care routine and it is working wonders on my skin. I feel refreshed, hydrated, my overall skin tone is evening out and is helping keep breakouts at bay. I LOVE these products. A few were sent to me for consideration; however like always I will be be honest about things, and give my true opinions about what works great for ME.
What is your current skin care routine? I would love to hear!!!
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Coming soon: My Daily PM Skin Care Routine.

* represent a PR sample that I received via IONA Magazine. This post was NOT sponsored nor was any compensation provided. All my opinions are my own.; I maintain the utmost integrity and will always remain honest with reviews, thoughts and opinions.