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Beauty Behind the Blog: Hairspray and Highheels…

Happy Friday y’all. Can you seriously believe we are literally almost half way through the month? OMG, is it really Friday the 13th? Welcome to this weeks edition of Beauty Behind The Blog. This week we are changing things up a bit with one of my favorite beauty bloggers. She is sassy, spunky and literally full of some of the most amazing ideas. Hello if you are not following her on PINTEREST, you are MISSING out BIGTIME! Angela is a 80’s movie loving, ‘say it like it is’ kind of girl who seriously will rock your world, with her beauty tips and tricks on her AMAZING blog Hairspray and Highheels, so without further ado- its time to meet this week’s beauty blogger in a thing I like to call Beauty Talk with Hairspray and Highheels

Beauty-Blogger-Hairspray-HighheelsWhat do you consider your holy grail products? I am definitely hard to please when it comes to products, and for it to make it into the holy grain bin it needs to be amazing. That said, I have a few! Maybelline Dream Lumi Concealer in ‘Radiance’, you will not find a better highlighter for us pale gals. This is a liquid product and seriously has been a staple in my highlight and contour routine for months! Maybelline Baby Lips in “ALL OF THEM” because they are truly the best little lip balms ever created, I have them all over my apartment, my parents house and I have converted so many girlfriends. **BEAUTY BONUS: They are they perfect cuticle balm! NARS ‘Super Orgasm’ blush, this baby is a cult favorite so I am sure I am not the first to claim holy grail. It’s the perfect shade with a subtle amount of glitter that makes me love it oh so very much. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, hands down no other hair product out there (and I have tried them all) can match the repair and moisture you’ll get from this.


What is a solid skincare staple? Serums. I have an addiction –**ummmmm are you reading our minds, Angela?** I don’t know what it is about them or when this addiction started to rear it’s head but I have like 25+ serums and the struggle is real trying to find the perfect one but I promise when I do, y’all will be the first to know.


How would you describe your beauty look? I’d describe it as casual, it’s never over the top. My eyes are always neutral (LOVE the the Naked 3 palette), lips are usually somewhere between bare and coral, blush is naturally flushed. The only thing that get’s outside of the box is the bronzer, I live in New Jersey I have to rock a great bronzer daily. Gotta love a great bronzer…


Who’s beauty look and style do you admire? This is SO cliche but Marilyn Monroe. I could never rock that red lip but I can damn sure try!
Any recent makeup finds that you are obsessing over? Um, am I the last to know that Maybelline released a nude PALETTE because OMG, obsessed does not cover and I will literally beg, borrow or steal to get my hands on that baby. Something I currently own though that I obsess over is the L’Oreal Magic Lumi primer, it helps your makeup stay put and lights up your entire face for a PERFECT glow.


So there you have it… another edition of Beauty Behind the Blog, as much as I have. Hope you enjoyed meeting Angela from Hairspray and HighheelsTo keep up with all her amazing beauty enabling follow her on Pinterest  for some amazing ideas and beauty tips.  Have a beauty question? Ask her via Twitter or for some solid beauty picture action head over to her Instagram where your feed will find a daily dose of beauty in action. She is full of goodness and loads of enabling…Have a wonderful weekend y’all.


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      Hi!!! I feel like we’re in Beauty Addictions Anonymous, except it’s not all that anonymous and enabling is encouraged ;)

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