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Bath Time Edit: Almond Crazy

Ok so lately I have made a deal with myself to start extra moisturizing every day. I was starting to get a bit of dry skin, random dry spots- almost like eczema-ish. In good old Southern California lately we have been experiencing some ultra-weird weather. One day hot as hell-o and the next cold and rainy. Needless to say it is NO good.  Every night I have started being very diligent with taking a nice, long, warm relaxing shower/bath to help me unwind from the day and relax before bed; usually I am accompanied with my trusty Oil of Olay Quench In Shower Body Lotion- a quick application then wash off and hop out of the shower. But lately this has been starting to feel like it is not too moisturizing, but rather residue-y on the skin.  So it had me wondering and lusting for some sort of a change. I have heard for some time now that bath oils can be quite rejuvenating and ultra-lush for the skin; so what better thing to do then give one a whirl. Hesitant to try a body oil; with thoughts that it will clog my skin and bring forth the dreaded- dare I say it… Body Acne….. Eeeeeekkkkk! After much deliberation, I gave one a whirl, and I don’t regret it at all. Ladies I now welcome you to- L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil. – get ready for a dose of amazing….

After walking into the L’Occitane store and being surrounded by millions of ah-mazing fragrances; I came to the conclusion that the yummy, goodness of the Almond Oil would be mine for my nighttime shower routine. Talk about an amazing scent. OH MY GOODNESS– this stuff smells like the perfect blend of sweet almond mixed with crème. Amazingly good!! And once applied it literally leaves the skin feeling so freaking soft it is phenomenal. It is formulated for dry skin, as it contains a great blend of almond tree, rosemary and grape vine. It sinks into the skin super quick and leaves the skin feeling ultra-nourished and quite pampered like a day at the spa. I am in heaven with this stuff. It is a nice add-on to help wind the day down, sit back and relax all while getting my skin nourishment on. If you’re in the market for soft, nourished skin or way to feel like you are being pampered; then this one is for you.  Just a slight FYI- this stuff also works wonders for shaving. The razor literally glides on down the skin, leaving you hairless and moisturized. Have you had a chance to lather up with body oil lately?  This is one that you will not be disappointed in- I promise.
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