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5 Beauty Resolutions for 2015- The Beauty Council- MakeupLifeLove-skincare-makeup-beautyLet’s talk resolutions? As you all know we are almost done with January, and I still can’t believe we are really in 2015. I mean seriously TIME FLIES and literally wayyyyyy too fast for me. Everything is moving a mile a minute and as I stated in Monday’s post here, I am getting back into my usual posting groove. So this week the lovely ladies of The Beauty Council and I got together and decided to do something a bit different. With that being said I bring you my 5 Beauty Resolutions for 2015…THE BEAUTY COUNCIL POST HEADERInstead of presenting you all with the usual boring New Years resolutions filled with the obvious- you know the ones – {eat healthier, go to the gym more often, train for another ½ marathon}. It seems like it might be time to look more into my beauty routine or lack there of instead. I may have take me a minute or two, without getting too deep- but I think I rounded out my top 5 beauty resolutions I want to accomplish for 2015. Fingers are crossed I will complete them.

SPA DAYS AHEAD: Now I am always one for a solid weekend pamper, however lately with life and many ventures going on I have been lacking with my spa time. This year I want to plan a wonderful weekend with my girls and I, head to the local day spa and just enjoy a weekend of luxurious pamper. Massage, facial, mud bath, all of it.

PAINT ME UP: Now I am one who legit SUCKS at painting my nails. I mean literally at times it can look like a 5 year old painted them. Now to let you in on a little secret- I wash my hands like 9 million times a day; which makes a normal nail polish manicure chip within a day or three if I am lucky. However after a few bad run-ins with gel and it semi-ruining my nails, I am on a mission to find a great at home version of the in-salon treatment and make sure I paint my nails at least 2 weeks out of the month. They have been naked for far too long- CND Vinylux I am coming for you!

ROCK A BRIGHT LIPSTICK + GET OUT OF THE NEUTRAL ZONE: This one is probably the one I am most afraid of. While I do love a bright lip, I am one to steer towards the nudes and neutrals. You know the drill: the slightly pink, with a side of brownish nude undertones- MAC Patiserrie, CHANEL Confident, Laura Mercier Bare Beige, those are my solid staples. But this year I plan to venture out my comfort zone and bust out those bright lippies more than once a year.

USE UP ONE FULL PRODUCT A MONTH: OMG looking back at this year and the past few years, I literally have not used a full product until it is gone. Don’t get me wrong I have thrown out a ton of items- but between testing products, being picky and my skin freaking out when the weather changes I have yet to actual use up a entire product. And this year I AM GOING TO use at least one item, if not more a month. I can so do this… time to break out those products.

INCORPORATE A MASSAGE INTO MY SKINCARE: So I have been on a skincare kick lately –in case I haven’t been too obvious. However after reading countless articles and reading the amazing benefits your skin can gain from it, I have decided I want to incorporate a massage into my skincare regimen. I currently do the usual 3 step skincare- Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize followed with the side of serum and eye cream and of course some solid SPF thrown into the mix. However, I have wanting to up my skincare routine, and incorporate more of a Korean 10 step approach. And a facial massage is at the TOP of my list. So many facialists swear by a the addition of facial massage to the skincare regimen as it will help even the skin tone out, give the skin a radiance boost, and overall just improve the skin’s circulation. Sounds like a perfect addition, right?

So there you have it, nothing too life-defining at all. Just a few simple tasks to keep me busy and help me dwindle down my ever-growing stash over the next year. Maybe just maybe I will even get a bit daring and dye my hair- not too sure about that one, although I am obsessed with Nicole Ritchie’s Blue black. So over to you all now…

What would your beauty resolution list look like? Let me know below, I would to hear.Be sure to check out my favorite ladies from The Beauty Council and see what Beauty Resolutions they have planned for 2015…

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