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I Dream of Daisy…

Marc-Jacobs-Daisy-Dream-perfume-scent-love-summertimeWhen it comes to scents, I am a full-blown complete sucker. I tend to lean towards a sweet, fruity fragrance for the super warm months and I take a turn towards a more spicy, sultry, musky scent in the cold months aka-winter. Since August is coming to a midway point and weather is making a bit of a weird shift in Southern  California, I am finding myself spraying one scent that will be making its autumn debut as it takes me from end of summer to beginning of fall. Lets just say lately I Dream of Daisy

Marc Jacobs Daisy first hit the shelves in 2007 with a few new additions along the way- Eau so Fresh, Daisy Delight, Daisy Eau So Fresh Delight, Daisy Sunshine, Daisy Eau so Fresh Sunshine, now I might own a ton of them, but something about the original holds a place in my heart. I rotate between multiple scents during week cause lets face it- a girl can like a variety, right? But something about the newest launch in the Daisy family has me spritzing away day after a day. Daisy Dream is almost like the original but with a double dose of oomph to it. With notes of Coconut Water and a side of fruitiness ranging from blackberries, grapefruit and pear. This fragrance is super light, breezy and hands down a tad mind-blowing with the perfect blend of floral and fruit. Needless to say I am obsessed.

When you first spray the scent there is a bit of an overwhelming scent of fruitiness. Like a blend of pear mixed with grapefruit, lychee and coconut water; however once it dries down it turns into a whole new sort of scent. Something a bit white musky, slightly sexy with a hint of jasmine- basically a scent that is completely different from what I own.  The bottle is simply gorgeous as it is encased with a plethora of white daisies topped with gold detailing on the bottle. The shape of the bottle is elegant and I must say I think this might be one of my favorite Daisy bottles of the whole collection. It looks awesome sitting on my vanity amongst other perfumes. Since it is Eau de toilette the lasting power on this perfume seems to be average with about 6 hours or so until I feel like I can’t smell it at all anymore on myself.

Simple, elegant and gorgeous are the recurring words I find when describing this perfume; although I am sure it won’t be long until its time to change it up again as the weather takes a turn towards Fall and the more musky scents make a comeback, but don’t worry y’all will be the first to know when the fall/winter scent lands into my favorite daily dose of scent. But until then, I dream of daisy…

Currently available at all major retailers in .33 oz rollerball, 1.o fl oz, 1.7 fl oz, and 3.4 fl oz.


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