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Skin Care Basics: Acne Treatments

Once of the few things I am willing to spend a TON of money on is…. SKINCARE! As you can tell I am slightly a bit of a skincare junkie. I am a bit paranoid when it comes to skin… and the oh-so-dreaded PIMPLE {eeeekkkk}. I am by nature a natural picker as well.. {Not so good} But I can honestly say with full conviction in my voice and face.. that I would rather always have to wear makeup to cover spots; rather than rock a whitehead all day.. No offense to everyone that is really good at not picking {I actually applaud you. I am NOT that person; nor do I have that sort of self- control} but I think personally for myself that is GROSS!!! {Again no offense}

Sometimes {that lovely time of the month that Mother Nature blesses us with} everyone becomes…well a bit spotted. Breakouts, cysts, under the skin pimples {painful}, boils, and a ton more names… usually rear their ugly head/heads {literally}. Lucky for me I actually nursing a large boulder on my chin {hormones} And I am truly blessed to have a HUGE skincare arsenal of goodies to help heal these nasty things sooner, rather than later… However after I gave it a big try and failed… {leading to a scar}. SO let’s chat a bit about them…

One of my all time favorite, and number one go to purchase is Mario Badescu Drying Potion. This “AMAZINGNESS” in a bottle as I call it is hands down the BEST and most effective acne spot treatment for me to date. Formulated with key ingredients “Sulfur + calamine” salicylic acid and many other natural ingredients… this stuff will shrink the nastiness growing on my chin almost overnight while I sleep. {I don’t even mind looking like I have chicken pocks all over when I have this miracle on}. The best part is that it is perfect for all skin types including those sensitive skin types. **NOTE: DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT mix/shake the bottle.. With this product you want to keep the treatment separated and just dip a q-tip all the way into the bottle reaching the pink goo at the bottom. {this is what is going on your skin}**

A product I had been lusting to try ever since I have been introduced to their line was Formula 10.0.6 Overnight Success. These overnight pimple patches are full of great ingredients like Tea Tree Oil and grape seed oil to help cleanse the skin while you sleep to ensure that you will awake with flawless skin. {I was a bit weirded out by these at first… hence white dots all over…BUT… Ah-MAZING is all I can say} This product line makes me wonder where the heck I have been this whole time. There products work wonders and are hands down AMAZING!!! The almost remind me oh Origins Super Spot Remover but with a white sticky dot on top of the ingredients {they help seal the spot treating} On small pimples that are starting to form, I just pop one of these bad boys on a voila… flawless.. When it is a bit larger or like I call them “volcanoes” then you will need a few days to work with it.. as it will NOT go away overnight. 

Philosophy’s Clear Days Ahead Oil-Free Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment & Moisturizer is one of the most genius ideas EVER!!! This lightweight treatment that is a two-in-one {AMAZING} treatment that contains both acne treatment properties and moisturizing properties that help reduce acne breakouts while giving you hydration to the skin.  Containing  “Salicylic Acid” the anti-microbial formulas immediately begins to eliminate blemishes throughout the day without any irritation. It also {HUGE factor} helps improve skin tone, skin texture and provide oil control for an all -day long, all-day strong matte finish. {HELLO!!!!!} way good bye to blemishes and hello to beautiful skin. 

Neutrogena On-the-spot- Acne Treatment is an oldie but a classic goodie. {We all have one}. Tried and tested this gentle spot treatment provides maximum strength without being too harsh on your skin. It is gentle, wont dry your skin out, and goes deep, deep, DEEP into the pores to kill the nasty bacteria that is causing those pesky pimples all while helping clear skin to ensure no more spots come. Containing just 2.5% “Benzoyl Peroxide” this product will help clear skin with the maximum effectiveness without the irritation and ref inflammation caused by some acne products. A tried and tested product that is usually a huge staple in my medicine cabinet. 

Although I tend to have my own stash of products that are in my arsenal when it comes to skin care… I continuously will keep searching. {I guess it is the search for flawless, perfect skin that keeps me going}; I am always on the look out for something new and great. Skincare is one thing that I am always willing to cruise around the drugstore aimlessly checking out the products or at the counters in department stores… However take these key products into consideration when you are on the lookout: Benzoyl Peroxide {higher than 3% will usually leave you red and irritated}, Sulfur {a natural purger when it comes to spot.. will clear ASAP.. Sometimes it stings a bit.FYI}, Salicylic Acid – super common… gooey at times. And will tingle {I like to tell myself that means it is working} but keep in mind can also cause it to dry out quickly leaving a dry ring around the pimple making it harder to cover in the long run until the dryness is subsided; and last but not least Tea Tree Oil… a natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory. This stuff {not a fan of the smell usually} is natural and is a oil.. Get over the medical smell and you can learn to enjoy the healing effects {works on burns, cuts, bites, etc} Hope this helps… 

What are some of your go to spot clearing products?!?! I would love to hear…. 

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