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The New Thing: Adding some Zing into the routine…

There are a few reasons I have been procrastinating about this post. One, the product in question is downright AH-MAZING. Which leads me to reason number two- I am almost certain that it will become a huge number one seller and everyone will steal my trick.  Okay just kidding… but it will be a number one seller. This product and I have been having an intense love affair. Well Origins and I have lately have been having a HUGE love affair. I fear that this post won’t even do this product the justice that it deserves- but here I attempt a try.  Sit back, relax, and hold on to your pocketbooks… this post might create “buying hysteria” {don’t say I didn’t warn you…} Introducing you Origins GinZing Moisturizer
Okay so, an orange cream scented- gel like moisturizer- what??? After months of ogling over this beauty of a product; I decided it was time for me to head to my local Sephora and snatch up one of these ASAP. I threw it into my basket and have a second one on order. With skin boosting ingredients of Panax Ginseng and Coffee Bean- {I know it sounds like an energy drink} who can resist this heaven in a pot. Lightweight in texture, the smell is too die for. Almost very reminiscent of orange creamsicles {very summer-y if I might add}… Promising to fortify the skin with loads of hydration, and give you a jumpstart on vibrant, healthy skin. Instant Love- right!

I am seriously addicted to this product. Slathered on the face, it instantly sinks into the skin like no other. I am always skeptical of a gel moisturizer due to the fact that they can be quite drying- pesky combination skin over here.­ But this stuff is NOT drying at all; it is the complete opposite. It hydrates the skin miraculously without overly moisturizing it. No oily disco ball action over here. It is a perfect starter to pick you up for the day, mixed with a side of perfect skin care for a base of makeup. I have been a long fan of the Origins GinZing Eye Cream, so naturally I was intrigued by this product. And I am so happy that I grabbed it. Perfect for the summer months as it has a slight cooling effect; which is phenomenal. For added cooling, I almost suggest to stick in the fridge and apply. Especially for those late nights where you may feel a bit puffy and in need of a smoothing/cooling effect to help calm the skin.  I actually have used this at night time recently when I was on a weekend trip { Poor planning on my behalf, as I forgot half my skin routine} but mixed with 3 drops of my trusty Clarins Lotus Oil for a souped up mixture on the skin. It was quick absorbing, super hydrating, and not greasy at all. Note to self- Use more often as night cream when needed.  Hands down a phenomenal product- I foresee this being a staple in the skincare routine for quite some time. 

So to re-cap… It’s lightweight, perfect for all skin types year round {especially for the summer months}, an energy drink for the skin, and overall just amazing. What more can you ask for???  Hold tight to those pocketbooks, you may start a serious love affair….
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