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This Week’s Most Loved #1- Shopping the Stash

Have you ever bought something that you were so incredibly excited to get? Then you used it every day for a while, only to move on to the next big something… and forget about what you once loved? {if you haven’t then you are lucky} I tend to have a bit {ok.. a HUGE} makeup collecting problem {possibly hoarding at times}.

Enter ‘Shopping the Stash’. ‘Shopping the Stash’ is a phrase first coined by Laura from Buy Now, Blog Later . She utilized it to help describe the act of searching for long lost gems in your old makeup stash that you may have forgotten. With a wish list of products long enough to write a book, and a bit of shortage on cash; I decided to give it a whirl. Let me introduce you to my shopping the stash finds.

MAC Lipstick in Patiserie 
 This is hands down one of my favorite MAC lipsticks ever. Described as a sheer neutral pink, this lipstick is AH-MAZING!!! It is like your lip color only better. About 2 or 3 years ago it was a huge, HUGE hit in the beauty blogging world; and I can remember why. It is the best lipstick color. It looks natural on your lips, it is not drying and it gives you that sexy bombshell mouth. {LOVE}
Laura Mercier Primer in Radiance 
I am absolutely OBSESSED with this primer. It is a creamy and lightweight primer that not only gives you the most amazing luminous glow {not sparkley, nor shimmery looking.. hello Disco ball} but a beautiful, flawless, pearl tint and it helps prime your skin to lock makeup down for hours.  It contains amazing good for your skin vitamins such as : A, C, and E but it also contains Jojoba to help condition skin at the same time. IN love with this product again.

When this concealer paste first came out a few years back, I ran to instantly get it. I had tried Benefit Boi-ing and really loved it although it is a bit more tough {similar texture to Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage} so I figured I would LOVE this concealer and low and behold I didn’t  I felt that it was too tacky for my under eye area, and just didn’t blend how I wanted it too. Fast forward a month ago and I have re-exposed myself to this concealer and I actually quite love it now. With a few tricks {like putting my Benefit Fake Up on top; or waiting for my eye cream to set to apply… rushing in the morning usually} that it works wonders and really is a great product. Trust me when I say this… read the directions insert.. A little goes a LOOOOOOOONG way! And when applied correctly it instantly brightens and camouflages all the fatigue, lack of sleep, etc…

Essie Nail Polish- Watermelon 
Why have I not been wearing this color more now that it is Spring… Oh wait.. Because I keep buying nail polish daily!! {eeek} This pretty juicy red is one the most perfect colors ever. It is a AH-MAZING shade…. Enough said!!! {as I paint my nails this color}

Revlon Brow Fantasy in Dark Brown 
I seriously used to LOVE this pencil. Ever since one of my favorite beauty bloggers raved about it. {And let me tell you she has GREAT eyebrows} I kinda have a bit of an obsession with brows. However recently my trusty MAC brow pencil in Lingering was getting super low… And alas enter the shopping the stash and look what I find. I forgot that this pencil was creamy and not harsh, that it is super blend-able and natural looking. And that the slightly tinted gel was the BOMB!! I am truly re-finding the love for this product… each application. And the price tag doesn’t hurt at all…

So there you have it, some long lost loves that I have re-found and continue to use daily.. What are some hidden gems you will find in your stash? I would love to hear!!!!

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