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Summertime Drinks with Keurig: #BrewItUp Iced Tea Style

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Keurig-Recipes- VitaminBursts-Strawberry-SummerDrinks-BrewOverIce- IcedTea- Best-K-Cup-Flavors
The morning is my usually busy- a combination of waking up late- a la hitting the snooze button too many times, rushing to grab everything I need before rushing out the door frantically, and heading over to my local Starbucks for a morning pick me up. Lately it has been a combination of either a Shaken Iced Tea or a Very Berry Refresher. Something about the Shaken Iced Tea or light, refreshing fruity morning drink just seems to hit the spot- that is until now. This summer I have literally been introduced to something that is replacing that morning stop at the Starbucks-and saving me tons and I mean tons of money, all while giving me extra time to no longer frantically run out of the house in the morning. I have had a Keurig for quite some time now, but I will admit I have been a bit lax when using it- until now. It is time to introduce you to a bit of amazingness in the form of a Keurig Vitamin Burst K-Cups: #BrewItUp Summer Drinks Style

Summer mornings are long, and super slow- although the nights and weekends tend to fly by- go figure. After a recent stop at my Walmart, I ran across a display on a endcap full of Keurig K-Cups– something about the #BrewOverIce caught my eye. I have never tried the Brew Over Ice products before, so when I saw a huge- and I mean HUGE variety at Walmart. I knew I needed to check it out ASAP. Thanks to #CollectiveBias and Walmart I was given the chance to check out these babies. I decided on grabbing Keurig Vitamin Burst K-Cup in Strawberry Pomegranate and after seeing the HUGE selection I also grabbed Keurig K-Cup in Snapple Peach Iced Tea. I used to drink Snapple Iced Tea for ages, but after endless times of switching between Diet Coke and Iced Tea, I sort of forgot about it. Boy oh boy am I glad I grabbed it- one word- BOMB!

#BrewOverIce Walmart Shot

Anxiously I hurried home to try out these wonderful new Keurig K-Cups, and let me just say I am sooooooo IMPRESSED. I grabbed a plastic cup -**because anytime you are brewing something hot and over ice- plastic is the safest way to go. Do NOT use glass**; I filled the plastic cup with ice, set my Keurig to the smallest 6 oz. setting to get the optimal flavor {although you can also select the medium 8 oz. setting for a great brewed flavor}, and hit hit brew. 1,2,3-easy! {You can find a video of how to successfully #BrewOverIcehere} OMG the scent of the Keurig Vitamin Burst K-Cup in Strawberry Pomegranate literally filled my house with the aroma of a sweet, summer afternoon. It was absolutely AH-MAZING! After trying the Keurig Vitamin Burst K-Cup in Strawberry Pomegranate I thought about how wonderful these would be mixed with fruit and frozen into fun Summertime ice cubes– genius, right? Check below for how to make your own.


So with that thought in mind, I also thought about how wonderful the Keurig Vitamin Burst K-Cup in Strawberry Pomegranate would taste mixed with my new Keurig K-CupSnapple Peach Tea. So with that thought in mind I grabbed a plastic cup and got my #BrewItUp on, and holy WOW! The flavor was unreal and simply amazingness in a cup. Here is a printable recipe for you to make your own.

K-Cups-Keurig-Best-Iced-Tea-IceTea-DrinkLet’s just say- I will NO longer be running out of the house to run to the local Starbucks in the morning, I will be starting my day off with some amazingness via Keurig Vitamin Burst K-Cups and Keurig K-Cups in Snapple Peach Tea.I cant wait to head back to Walmart to grab the other Vitamin Burst K-Cup flavor in Acai Berry. Looks like I am Summertime ready with convenient, simple and easy drinks with the help of Keurig, I can honestly say- I’ll drink to that!!


** Did you know that Keurig has it’s own recycling program for use with the K-Cups? The Grounds to Grow program offers a way for K-Cup users to return used cups for processing that separates grounds for compost and plastics for re-use. Learn more about this program here! Totally genius right?

Have you tried any of the #BrewOverIce Keurig K-Cups? If so what is your favorite flavor? I’d love to hear…


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  • yum! such a cute idea for summer time ice cubes!

    • Thanks girl. I am obsessed with them now. A great fast way to add some pizzazz to water. lol…

  • scentednights2002

    I love my Keurig & use it all the time for iced coffee in the summer. That looks really good too.

    • I love my Keurig so much more now that I know it can do a ton more. I was trying to kick back on coffee and totally just stopped using the Keurig completely. So happy I found these though. Its getting used a TON now. lol…

  • Ooh, this sounds refreshing!! I may have to try this soon! :)

    • It is sooooo yummy. I am thinking it is my version of a Starbucks Very Berry refresher just $5 saved now in my pocket. lol

  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty


  • That looks really yummy! I have been so tempted to buy one lately.

  • I want to come over and drink this stuff with you, because you make it sound so good! :) (Also, I’ll bet these recipes make a mean mixed drink!)

    • Yes!!!! I added a bit of peach vodka to it once- OMG I am OBSESSED. Or even a bit of Malibu Coconut Rum with it- now I want a drink. Come on over!!! lol :)

  • What a great idea! I have a Keurig from college and never use it for anything other than hot coffee. This is brilliant!

    • I totally did the same thing. Stopped using it cause I was trying to not drink so much hot coffee. Now that I know they have the #BrewOverIce K-cups, I am obsessed with my Keurig again. lol

  • Love the idea of turning the beverage into ice with fruit! Your peach iced tea looks so delicious!!

  • That looks so yummy. I want it RIGHT NOW

  • OMG that looks heavenly!

    xo caro, the caro diaries

  • I’ll have to try these! My coffee addiction is getting a little ridiculous and I need to find alternative uses for my Keurig.

    xo Marina
    Earth to Marina

  • WHAAAT you can brew something over ice??? I have a very unused and very unloved Keurig on my counter but this little bit of information has probably just changed that…so cool!

  • Yummy! I love the k-cups you brew over ice!

  • Girl, this is a fabulous post, and I’m seriously thirsting for some vitamin burst ice cubes! :)

    Diary of a Debutante

  • We have the strawberry pomegranate k-cups at home. I love them as a yummy alternative to water!

  • I have a nespresso, but I am kinda of drawn to the tea option of the Keurig.

    • Oooooh how do you like the nespresso? I totally was going to get one. But once I found out the Keurig can do way other things- I am back in love with it for sure.

      • I really like it as I am a coffe drinker at heart, and I prefer espresso to filtered coffee. But I think they’ve since come out with a new one that also does regular coffee and maybe tea? The great thing about the Keurig though is the accessibility and variety I think.

  • Carly Anderson

    I totally want to make those ice cubes! I need to get brew over ice cups……I only use my keurig for coffee!

    • I am obsessed with the Keurig now for other things than coffee. Although the iced coffee K-cups are BOMB.. Yum yum!!!

  • Norah Salazar

    Summer is ICEA TEA time and those drinks look delish!

    • Agreed. Summer is totally Iced Tea time. Refreshing, light and yummy. And even tastes great with some adult beverages in it at times too. lol :)

  • FabZilla_Kath

    I have Keurig and didn’t know they have Vitamin K-Cups. K fine, I’m ordering online now!!! Thanks for your easy DIY.xo

  • This looks very delicious!

    • Super delicious. I am sad I totally didnt know about them earlier. lol… Now I am totally addicted.

  • LOVE the ice cube idea, need to make ice cubes like that now!

    • ha ha ha… Love that you love it. They are so good. Even just fruit in water cubes helps especially if you hate drinking water or need some sort of flavor to drink a ton.

  • Like the ice cube tray idea – I don’t own a Keurig.

    • The ice cube idea is such a good thing. I tried it with just water and fruit in the cubes for just drinking normal water. Love it as well. I want to try and do like lemonade cubes so its like lemon water. lol..

  • This post has so much win. First, love the cute pix of you with your tea! Second, I love my Keurig and now I want to try these brew over ice recipes! Third, recycling? oh, yeah! I’m going to look into that.

    • awwww…. you are so sweet. I totally am obsessed with my Keurig too. And pumped about that recycling program. I never knew. I just tossed them away. Now I will so use them and save the world. :) xxo

  • Justina

    Ok that picture of you is adorable. And this looks amazing. Everyone’s all about mason jars today. I need to go replace my glassware with some lol

    • awwww. thanks girl. You are so sweet. I agree everyone is all about some Mason Jars. I never realized how handy they were until Pinterest projects. lol.. Now you can get them with handles, plastic form, in ike super sized form, everything. lol…

  • We love using K-cups in our house. How smart are you using infused ice cubes as the brew over ice part, genius!

    • ha ha ah.. Thanks girl :) I love love love some K-cups. I am shocked by all the flavors too. wow!!

  • LOVE the snapple k cups!

  • Okay, so I don’t have a Keurig but I totally want one now. This looks delicious!

    • ha ha ha.. You are so funny. I will say though you would love it. You can do anything hot, now anything cold, as well as use it for practical things like hot water for oatmeal, cup of noddles, anything. Such a little multi-tasker for sure.

  • LOL the last pic is so cute. I want to get summer drinks for my keurig at work!

    • ha ha ha.. Thanks girl. oohhh.. you will love the flavors. And I am sure your co-workers will be stoked for sure. xxo

  • I NEED to try this! OMG AMAZING!

    • ha ha ha.. Yes you will love it. Totally helps liven up basic water or sparkling water. Or you can always toss flavored cubes into a adult beverage. lol… so AMAZING!! xxo

  • I will admit now that I know Keurig can do Iced Tea and Iced Coffee I am a even bigger fan of it. I love that it does hot chocolate, coffee, etc.. And you can always use the hot water to do hot water in like oatmeal and things. Totally a multi-tasker :)

  • Love it!!! Anytime girl! They are also amazing in adult beverages with a bit of vodka or flavored rum. Perfect tropical drink for a girl in paradise.

  • Love this! It looks awesome!

  • YUM!!!

  • I love homemade drinks… and I am gonna try this out ;)

  • I know I already commented the other day but you look fabulous in that last pic

  • That drink looks amazing!

  • Cosmetic Sanctuary

    I love my Keurig and can’t go without it! I’ll have to try this!

  • Ashley P

    The drinks look great! I’ve been wanting to try these out SO badly!

  • What a great idea – this sounds absolutely delicious!

  • cindyprimebeauty

    I wan the shaken berry refresher now!

  • This looks sooooooo good. I have a Keurig and I need to go check this out.

  • Betzy Carmona

    They are so good ! I loved it :)

  • This sounds delicious!!

  • Yum! Looks great!

  • Looks great! Love the ice cubes with fruit in.

  • Charlie H.

    Oh yum! I’ve been wanting to try to ice tea for the Keurig, too!

  • Mmmm, that looks delicious! I didn’t even know that Keurig made tea!

  • That looks so good, and simple too! :)

  • we don’t have a keurig but will have to pass this along to some of my friends who do! :)

  • Such a good idea! So yummy!

  • Joanna Sormunen

    This sounds like an amazingly good idea! Thank you for the tip!

  • I had no idea Keurig would upcycle the cups! That’s super great to know.

  • This looks great and so simple love the ice cube trays!

  • Looks delicious.

  • Looks so yummy!

  • Seriously, such a good idea!! I love it! And I need it now in this hot heat!! haha!

  • yummy!! That’s great to know that they recycle them too!

  • Sarah Woods

    Momma NEEDS a Keurig! So bad!

  • This sounds delicious!

  • coool

  • Alice

    sounds delicious :) love summery drinks!

  • The keurig is our home is my favorite thing! I love brewing over ice in all different kinds of teas!

  • YUM! This sounds so good. And I had no clue about the recycling program.

  • I really want a keurig, those things look so cool!

  • Summer drinks are the best!!! :)

  • Laura

    MMMM berry tea sounds amazing right about now!

  • Hima

    Yummm that looks amazing! Also, the flavored ice cubes are such a great idea!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  • Kristine Foley

    That sounds fabulous and seriously a genius idea!

  • Emma J

    What a great recipe ! Thank you for sharing :) My personal favourite is Snapple Raspberry iced tea, try adding blueberries with crushed iced :) you can find a bunch of recipes and idea on Keurig site.