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Summertime Drinks with Keurig: #BrewItUp Iced Tea Style

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Keurig-Recipes- VitaminBursts-Strawberry-SummerDrinks-BrewOverIce- IcedTea- Best-K-Cup-Flavors
The morning is my usually busy- a combination of waking up late- a la hitting the snooze button too many times, rushing to grab everything I need before rushing out the door frantically, and heading over to my local Starbucks for a morning pick me up. Lately it has been a combination of either a Shaken Iced Tea or a Very Berry Refresher. Something about the Shaken Iced Tea or light, refreshing fruity morning drink just seems to hit the spot- that is until now. This summer I have literally been introduced to something that is replacing that morning stop at the Starbucks-and saving me tons and I mean tons of money, all while giving me extra time to no longer frantically run out of the house in the morning. I have had a Keurig for quite some time now, but I will admit I have been a bit lax when using it- until now. It is time to introduce you to a bit of amazingness in the form of a Keurig Vitamin Burst K-Cups: #BrewItUp Summer Drinks Style

Summer mornings are long, and super slow- although the nights and weekends tend to fly by- go figure. After a recent stop at my Walmart, I ran across a display on a endcap full of Keurig K-Cups– something about the #BrewOverIce caught my eye. I have never tried the Brew Over Ice products before, so when I saw a huge- and I mean HUGE variety at Walmart. I knew I needed to check it out ASAP. Thanks to #CollectiveBias and Walmart I was given the chance to check out these babies. I decided on grabbing Keurig Vitamin Burst K-Cup in Strawberry Pomegranate and after seeing the HUGE selection I also grabbed Keurig K-Cup in Snapple Peach Iced Tea. I used to drink Snapple Iced Tea for ages, but after endless times of switching between Diet Coke and Iced Tea, I sort of forgot about it. Boy oh boy am I glad I grabbed it- one word- BOMB!

#BrewOverIce Walmart Shot

Anxiously I hurried home to try out these wonderful new Keurig K-Cups, and let me just say I am sooooooo IMPRESSED. I grabbed a plastic cup -**because anytime you are brewing something hot and over ice- plastic is the safest way to go. Do NOT use glass**; I filled the plastic cup with ice, set my Keurig to the smallest 6 oz. setting to get the optimal flavor {although you can also select the medium 8 oz. setting for a great brewed flavor}, and hit hit brew. 1,2,3-easy! {You can find a video of how to successfully #BrewOverIcehere} OMG the scent of the Keurig Vitamin Burst K-Cup in Strawberry Pomegranate literally filled my house with the aroma of a sweet, summer afternoon. It was absolutely AH-MAZING! After trying the Keurig Vitamin Burst K-Cup in Strawberry Pomegranate I thought about how wonderful these would be mixed with fruit and frozen into fun Summertime ice cubes– genius, right? Check below for how to make your own.


So with that thought in mind, I also thought about how wonderful the Keurig Vitamin Burst K-Cup in Strawberry Pomegranate would taste mixed with my new Keurig K-CupSnapple Peach Tea. So with that thought in mind I grabbed a plastic cup and got my #BrewItUp on, and holy WOW! The flavor was unreal and simply amazingness in a cup. Here is a printable recipe for you to make your own.

K-Cups-Keurig-Best-Iced-Tea-IceTea-DrinkLet’s just say- I will NO longer be running out of the house to run to the local Starbucks in the morning, I will be starting my day off with some amazingness via Keurig Vitamin Burst K-Cups and Keurig K-Cups in Snapple Peach Tea.I cant wait to head back to Walmart to grab the other Vitamin Burst K-Cup flavor in Acai Berry. Looks like I am Summertime ready with convenient, simple and easy drinks with the help of Keurig, I can honestly say- I’ll drink to that!!


** Did you know that Keurig has it’s own recycling program for use with the K-Cups? The Grounds to Grow program offers a way for K-Cup users to return used cups for processing that separates grounds for compost and plastics for re-use. Learn more about this program here! Totally genius right?

Have you tried any of the #BrewOverIce Keurig K-Cups? If so what is your favorite flavor? I’d love to hear…


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