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5 Tips to RELAX and De-Stress NOW…

Pause-Relax-Take A deep Breath-quote-makeuplifeloveAs you all have probably noticed from the lack of posting, and when I do post it is far and few for the past few weeks. Each day in my life right now, has been pretty non-stop, and I have not really had a chance to sit, relax, take a breath and pen my thoughts on the blog. Between my normal day job in Corporate America, family, friends and my healing puppy- life has been pretty OUT OF CONTROL! Since I am a crazy planner – I blame my OCD tendencies on my mom– when things get crazy, I have noticed the older I get- I start to shut down. I am still learning the ways to calm my nerves, start to re-prioritize and figure it all out without have a shit show of a meltdown. If you have been feeling similar, then hopefully these tips will help you de-stress, relax and get shit done this week:

  1. STOP! I know this might sound a whole hell of a lot easier than it is to do. But seriously STOP what you are doing. Sometimes a moment of stillness helps bring out some sort of inner peace that will let you know, overwhelmed or not- IT WILL BE OK.
  2. Get outside. This is my got to at the moment. Besides the fact that after an expensive surgery Khloe has to get walked and do physical therapy- so getting outside for me is a must do right now. But in all fairness- healing puppy or not, getting outside for 10-15 minutes and just walk- literally helps me clear my mind and appreciate life. An added bonus is the weather in California right now almost actually feels like Autumn versus a year round summer.
  3. Write it down- I am such a list maker, box ticker, and journal keeper- again those OCD tendencies from my Mom– but seriously when life is overwhelming sometimes it is helpful to write it all down. Whether it is a list of what you want to do next week, blog topics and pending posts or just a list of “what you are grateful for” writing it down seems to just help.
  4. M-O-T-I-V-A-T-I-O-N: How do you tend to motivate yourself? With blogging I am easily motivated because it is something that makes me so happy. Besides being obsessed with everything beauty and skincare, something about talking about new products just gets me giddy ono the inside. When I am lacking motivation I find myself searching through magazines and catching up on my favorite reads to get my plan of action back into place.
  5. Prioritize: When I am stressed and overwhelmed and working on getting track of getting back to normal. Prioritizing is key and making your number one priority- YOU! Whether it be catching up on dvr, hanging with friends or just taking a relaxing bath- prioritize what you can do to get yourself back in the groove of things without letting life get in the way. YOU are the priority and I have learn firsthand letting myself get beyond stress is bad for your health and your skin. So relax, take a break and make yourself a PRIORITY. Trust me everything else can wait.

Hope some of these tips help. How do you de-stress? I would love to know….

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