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Beauty Tips and Tricks with Lemons…


Maybe its my current love or semi-obsessed love for Pinterest lately, but I can’t seem to peel myself away. Endless hours of looking through recipes, DIY crafts, and of course beauty-duh! Soooo this past weekend, I decided to test drive some of the wonderful DIY beauty tips I have learned from Pinterest. I mean its about time to get a bit more experimental beauty-wise, right? So without further ado, when life gives you lemons, you create the first of many Beauty Tips and Tricks: Lemons

An Lemon-aide like hand scrubmix one part olive oil, two parts sugar {the coarser the better- I am a brown sugar fan}; squeeze the juice of a lemon and massage into the backs of the hands, cuticles, and any rough spot needed. Close your eyes and breath in that citrus goodness. Lemon +Scrub = happy and energized with soft skin.

So I might just be one of the few people in the world that have not tried their own DIY home-made scrub. Maybe it was because the last time I tried a DIY, I almost ate sh*t in the shower- bad idea. The lemon helps maintain PH levels, the sugar helps remove the dead unnecessary skin, and the olive oil helps soften the skin. awwwwww- divine.

A Citrus Zingy Body Buffer –step out of the shower, take half of a cut lemon, adn scrub any dry patches or dark spots on the body. Step back in shower, rinse. Enjoy!

The science behind this one is thanks to a thing that I like to call Vitamin C and Alpha Hydroxy Acids- those guys? Yes, the Citric Acid found in high concentrations of citrus fruit helps with chemical exfoliation. Its like a bit of a peel for the skin- riding skin of the nasty flakeys. I scrub a dub dub on the heels and soles of my feet- also helps with calluses, knees and elbows and any other spot I am wanting to be a bit softer and smooth. **this also works wonders on tired feet- they will be thanking you**

Bright Skin & Acne Ridding Mask – Mix together half of a squeezed lemon and ½ teaspoon of pure honey. Massage onto the skin, leave on for about 15- 20 minutes. Rinse off completely with cold water. Voila instant brighter skin that will kick acne in the arse.

So the word on the street is that lemons are the Sort of like Coconut Oil and can do all, heal all when it comes to beauty. Lemons have natural healing powers. I mean like Super Powers, it will exfoliate your skin all while giving it a high powered kick of Vitamin C. Anti-bacterial with the honey, that can help stop breakouts and cure bacterial infections and pimples on the skin. The honey will also moisturize the skin while the lemon will help lighten any scars.  I dont know about you, but I am impressed with this mask-BIG TIME. Spots seems to be lighter and skin is for sure smoother-  I mean how tempting does it sound. **Warning for the sensitive skin ladies- be careful, it may cause a reaction and the citrus sometimes can be a bit too powerful – just to be on the safe side**

So there you have it, a few beauty tips and tricks I have found test worthy.  Time to get back on Pinterest with my notebook in hand and see what other kitchen concoctions I can find and remember- next time life gives your lemons- make it a weekend of beauty DIY

What are a few of your fave DIY kitchen concoctions? Do you know of any that I am missing?


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