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DermWorx Professional Skin Care…

Professional-Skin-Care-DermWorx-beauty- acne-moisture-serumOMG more skincare? I know, I know this week has been a big skincare week, and here is a bit more. Yes more. As if I don’t have enough serums, moisturizers and other massive concoctions to help skin get into tip top shape. However recently I was introduced to a new kind of skincare line, that seriously has been helping me get summer ready. Here is an introduction to: DermWorx Professional Skin Care

The Backstory: Dermatologist skin care that doesn’t need a medical prescription. Say what? Yep you heard it right, this everyday skin care line, is a premium line of non-prescription dermatologist tested health products. Although exclusively sold at skin health professionals and retailers, they will not require a medical prescription. Just grab and go. Lourve! A simplified skincare solution that works. *the heart emojis come out*

The Breakdown of Products: A solid three- yep you heard it right– Three products to the line. Each is packed full of ingredients that are heavy duty grade. DermWORX believes that healthy skin should be simple and worry free. And let me tell you, this line is awesome and incredibly worry free.

CerumWorx-Skincare-VitaminC- healthy-skin-anti-aging

The Anti-Aging Defender: CerumWORX Stable 10% Vitamin C + Biopeptides $75 USD,  this product simply rocks. Nourishes, restores and rejuvenates the skin. One single dose of the these wonderful easy capsules covers the skin and packs a solid Vitamin C punch with every application. I dont know about you but as I get older, I am trying to combat any signs of aging and fine lines- I want to be young forever,lol. This stuff knocks aging in its tracks, all while being clinically proven to smooth and soften the skin.  Bye Bye wrinkles.


The Acne StopperAcneWORX Gentle Acne Treatment Cream– $38 USD, ok so I have been needing this product for days- thanks to the monthly, lovely you know who. But let me tell you this 2% salicylic acid,eliminates pimples like no other. It breaks the acne cycle by getting deep down into the pores, dissolving the plug of skin and oil that clogs pores and makes those pesky pimples. Absolutely obsessed with this product. OMG it has helped clear the spots. This is a winner.


The Moisture Adder:MoistureWORX Skin Protection Spray– $37 USD,  hydration is an understatement with this product. OMG, skin is treated with a serious dose of hydration and protection that locks in the skin’s moisture and keeps irritants out. Score! Light weight on the skin, in a fine mist this skin adds some white petroleum jelly and essential lipids into the skin all without being greasy.  Now I know what you are thinking- white petroleum– ummmmm NO. But this my friends is not going to clog pores or cause breakouts.  All day spray that keeps skin hydrated for 8 hours in rain, sun or wind. Cracked, dry skin is left feeling smooth, silky and soft. My body has been thanking me with these Santa Ana winds. Can you say life saver!!!

The Line Is Small: Three products that pack the best formulated punch possible without a medical prescription. Nothing more, nothing less. I have been using each product for various reasons for the past few weeks, and let me just say, so far so so good. Hands down my skin is hydrated, my face is smooth and usually this time of the month my face is in freak out mode, but right now it is under-control.  I love it!

The only downfall is that you can only get it at skin health professionals or online. However click here in order to find the nearest to you. At this rate I will be hydrated, wrinkle free and in a solid spot free zone-  I’ll cheers to that….


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