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Friday Fixation: Must Have Apps If You Are A Blogger…


Being a beauty blogger sometimes means that you have to be a jack of all trades. I mean you are always attached to either your computer or your cell phone in some sense. I don’t know about you, but I am always attached to my cell phone at all times. It’s a lifeline, a scanner, a photo editor, a calendar and much, much more…So it got me thinking many of you out there are just as busy and on the go, and let’s face it in 2014 we are all attached to our cell phones. So without further ado, I bring you Friday Fixation: Must Have Apps If You Are A Beauty Blogger

Have you ever gotten that last minute email from a brand stating “ please sign the said contract back ASAP?” And realized that you A- didn’t have a scanner, and B- are not able to access one all day until you can get to Kinkos to scan it via email? Well folks, we have a app for that! Of course… Genius Scan, {Itunes or Android Play Store} this app is phenomenal. You simply sign and take a photo of document in question, within seconds it is automatically edited to appear ‘scanned’ like. Voila- you can save it as a jpeg or pdf {I opt for pdf, so it seems more office like} attach it to your email, and your done. Brand gets the contract, you get a saved copy on your phone. Win, Win…

Next up SignEasy this app allows you to literally sign your documents right on your device. It reminds me almost of being a Nordstrom and how they have everything via a handheld. This app you can open via your Android or Iphone, and sign straight on your screen. It also auto adds your name to items as needed for electronic signature. Love! I have used this when on the go, and someone sent me a pdf, that needed to returned ASAP. SignEasy to the rescue, it worked like signing in person.

Have you ever taken a photo on you cell phone, and realized ‘OMG, I want to add that into a post?’ Well let me just say- Google Drive oh where have you been all my life? This app is the perfect app for on the go. I mean anyone that has a Google Gmail account, will find this app so helpful. You can work offline into a document via your phone, and upload on your computer later to finish it, you can upload photos via the phone and get them later via Google Drive. You can give access to other people via email to have access to shared folders or photos, it is simply AMAZINGNESS in a handheld. And the best part of it all, anywhere- at anytime you can access Google Drive, all you have to do is log into your account. Best APP EVER!!

Another great app to have at the palm of your hand- PayPal, this is for those times when you’re out and about, and decide to check Facebook only to realize you need to submit your payment for the new Blogger giveaway. PayPal to the rescue, besides you can check your account balance, send instant money or payments and check to see what retailers around you accept paypal. With it being ultra secure, it is a great feeling to know that you can save that last minute trip to the bank and be secure via paypal.

Organization on your brain? Here is the best app ever for you- Asana. This app rocks if you are a list maker like me. You can create projects within the app –I tend to create Blog Series, then make check boxes underneath of the different areas I want to cover within the Series. I also use this when some of my favorite bloggers are enabling me with some amazing purchases that I need.  You can assign project to others on Asana, and even create due dates. I am huge list maker and it contains check boxes- my all time favorite things ever, shopping list-check! Beauty Product Must Have List- check! Monthly Goals-check, check! Obsessed with this app.

And saving the best for last, is seriously one of the best photo editing apps EVER! Sometimes the lighting on the cell phone is not so great, and Photoshop Express App isn’t the best at all times- this is where Snapseed comes into play. This photo app allows you to crop, add some light, blur effect or add filters to your camera photos instantly. I can’t even tell you how many photos I have used this on, in order for them to look a smidge better for when I post via Instagram

Well there you have it my list of MUST HAVE apps for the average blogger or busy gal on the go. Perfect for on the go, quick organization, instant business tasks all accomplished with the ease of speed and convenience of your cell phone. I hope you find some of these apps useful for your blog or your personal habits/life while enjoy the change of Spring weather.

Do you have any apps that you constantly use for blogging or business purposes? Please do share, I am always on the lookout for the next big app. 

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