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Health + Wellness: Whole30 Week 3 Review

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?  Today’s post is all about how I am forming a habit, how I am feeling, and – yes, even losing weight on the Whole30. Almost too good to be true, right? This is how week 3 of the #Whole30Jan is going…

Whole30 Week 1 Review- Makeup Life and Love

So I’ll be completely honest with you guys, writing this blog- has made me VERY accountable. Doing this Whole30 and sharing my weekly updates with you guys has literally made it so I am on my game, not cheating- not even tempted. I mean after last week and dreaming of dancing snickers and three tiered cakes- would you all have blamed me if I caved? You wouldn’t, right?  Luckily, I didn’t. I stayed strong, pushed forever and weirdly am loving the way that I am feeling. Like A LOT!

When it comes to diets, my track record SUCKS. I mean seriously, it beyond sucks. I start and literally once I don’t see results- I give up. So going into the Whole30 I went in with the mindset of ‘ that this is NOT a diet Jamie, this is a lifestyle change’. Now I am not sure if that has actually helped my overall mindset or what, but either way, I have stood my ground and be consistent- no cheating, hardly any snacking, and overall my idea of food has kind of changed- weird?  You see, as we talked about in week 1, it only takes 21 days to create an actual habit- and guess what? Today is officially day 21-  hello habit formed! Even my workouts at OrangeTheory Fitness have been kicking my arse but I have been crushing it according to my midday training gal Megan. BTW, if you haven’t tried a class at OrangeTheory Fitness- you should! Think high interval training that helps you continue to burn calories sometimes as long as 72 hours after the workout-  awesome, right!  So while we are talking workouts and such, let’s jump into what I have learned so far during Week 3 of the Whole30

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Today’s post is all about how I am forming a habit, how I am feeling, and - yes, even losing weight on the Whole30


Ok, I know what you are thinking? ‘Small changes? Ummmm… didn’t you literally just drop sugar, milk, grain and Diet Coke from your diet? How is that a small change, Jamie? ’ Well you are right, when it comes to diet- I made a MAJOR change- especially getting rid of the Diet Coke- for me that was killer.  However, making the habit of planning my meals out so when I went the grocery store I was there with a purpose not just willfully wandering around thinking about all the items I can’t have. Weirdly, going to the grocery store with a list is almost liberating not to mention time-saving. It’s literally amazing how much time you save knowing EXACTLY what you need. Basically the moral of this is, if you want to curb the urge to cheat – SET YOURSELF up for success!


O-M-G you guys, my sleep is AMAZING! Literally unlike anything I have ever experienced.  You see a few years ago I suffered from hard-core insomnia, however,  it turned out I had ADHD and my years of not being diagnosed finally caught up to me disguised as insomnia. Either way, after dreaming of dancing twinkies and snickers- this my sleep is on its game. I am usually never one to sleep more than give or take 5 hours of sleep, but this past week I have been getting my solid beauty sleep of 8 hours and loving it.

We have made it through another week of the Whole30, here’s how I have been planning, experimenting and feeling during this journey so far.


Having fresh cut up cucumber slices, carrots, celery sticks and snap peas- make any random midday snacking urge so much easier. Just to be on the safe side I even carry my favorite trusty RX Bar in my purse so if I have the urge to out while running errands I won’t be tempted to roll through the drive thru.  I have become a MAJOR fan of fresh carrots dipped in homemade guacamole or even the Wholly Guacamole cups. Another major fav is: homemade kale chips and sweet potato chips- so good!


Like I said last week, I picked up this book to help incorporate more meals via the Instant Pot. I mean I can’t even tell you how helpful this book of recipes is ESPECIALLY when you totally forgot what you meant to make and literally need to whip up something quick. So far I have made about 3 recipes and each one is pure perfection.  The Instant Pot literally is the best invention EVER and a MUST HAVE in the kitchen.  

  • Hard boiled eggs – 9 minutes
  • A perfectly cooked pot roast with side veggies and potatoes- 35 minutes
  • Whole30 Chili- 30 minutes
  • Chicken Breast- 16 minutes

I mean literally, the options are endless and pure perfection. Meals are easier, quicker and sooooo good. I am might be wrong, but I almost feel as though the Instant Pot holds flavor in food more too. Literally – so GOOD! 

Next week is the last week of the Whole30, and I am weirdly almost kind of sad. I know some of my blogging buddies that are doing it with me are counting down the days until it is over. Honestly, I feel like I might keep going and make it a Whole60. Hmmmm… or maybe I’ll take a day or two off and jump back into a Whole30 again. I am not 100% sure yet, but whatever I decide I will totally keep you guys posts. In the meantime, make sure you are following along on social media with all of us using hashtag #Whole30Jan. Check out the links below and see how my fellow #Whole30Jan girls did.

Need Whole30 inspiration? Pin 20 Whole30 Recipes HERE:

New Year, New Goals including trying a round of the body resting Whole30. Join me as I embark on this awesome journey to a healthy lifestyle. - Makeup Life and Love


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