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6 Things I’m Excited About This Year!

It’s always easy to inspired at a New Year, however; the real test comes after the first month. After a year of slacking, I am finally ready to give this New Year  all I got.

It’s always easy to inspired at a New Year, however; the real test comes after the first month. After a year of slacking, I am finally ready to give this New Year  all I got.

I am just going to be honest and say it- I have been slacking- like BIGTIME!

I mean, is it just me or is it hard to believe we are in 2018, let alone heading into the second month of 2018? I mean time is flying way too fast, and if I am being honest- I almost want it to slow down just a teeny tiny bit.  If I am being super honest I feel like with time flying by too fast, it is hard at times to sit back and enjoy the memories and moments that mean the most to you-  let alone be excited for the new beginning that a New Year always has in store for us.  So let’s address the elephant in the room shall we? You see last year, I slacked. I mean really, really, REALLY slacked on my content creation, I slacked on sharing things with you guys, I slacked on hitting publish, and I really slacked on just living in the moment. Honestly,  I am truly super sorry for it all! This past year after all that slacking,  I have really started to figure things out about myself, what I want in life, and just life in general- at the end of the day I have basically been absent and for that I am truly sorry.

But of course, with every new year, comes new goals, new hopes, and just new ideas and this year I am making a conscious effort to achieve, experience, and share all of the things with you guys. Here are just a few of the things I am looking forward to most this year!

It’s always easy to inspired at a New Year, however; the real test comes after the first month. After a year of slacking, I am finally ready to give this New Year  all I got.


When it comes to content, the past year I have REALLY slacked at actually producing new content for you guys. But behind the scenes I worked on tons of new content that I started and almost finished but never actually finished all the steps to actually hit publish. Or even worse I worked on content , completed it, had it ready to go and just never actually it publish. I am not sure if it was because I was uninspired or if it’s because I just had lots of self-doubt about the quality of my content going on. I mean if  I am being honest, I think this last year that I was slacking, I had A LOT of fear in my mind. Not that fear is an excuse, but I feel that it definitely held me back. I know, I know… it’s not good to compare yourself to others, BUT we all do it, and I seemed to do it alot last year.  So number one on my list this year is to make an effort to NOT compare myself to others. It will be hard, but I am going to REALLY try.


2017 was a great year of growth for me, but 2018 is the year of adventure for me. I used to travel a lot and have actual had the chance to visit  some pretty cool places. Then I started to adult and of course that meant, I started working in Corporate America it all kind of just came to a stop. Now that I am self-employed I am all about discovering new places again. I want to start and explore some great places. Italy, Bali, Iceland, and parts of Canada are on the top of my list.


In 2017, I had a great year business wise. My blogging bestie Ange and I started a online company called Blog Savvy Creative. On top of my part-time web-design business, we created a place where bloggers, creative and small business entrepreneurs can use us to help them grow in all aspects of their social media / search engine optimization footprint.  We started Blog Savvy Creative mid 2017 and have grown beyond our wildest dreams, and this year we have some awesome things ready to launch that I can’t wait to share with you all soon.


Procrastinating on the gym is something that I have become quite good at.  So much in fact that while last year I did the Whole 30 and had wonderful results, I started going to OrangeTheory Fitness- yet I still started to slack and make ALL the excuses at to why I couldn’t go. I am not sure if it is the self-doubt in my that makes me slack or if its the fact that in the past two years I gained a little over 55 pounds due to a few health related things. So needless to say, this year I am on a mission to get myself back into working out and eating right (also ditching the Pepsi- I did kick the Diet Coke habit last year and haven’t touched it since), so I figured what better way to do it, than make myself accountable and share with you all here. Now it’s written, so I NEED to do it.  


Here I go on that healthy kick… this year I am looking to learn new recipes. I have my usual foods that I love- but I want to broaden my healthy meal horizons. So I have been searching TONS of websites for good Whole30 / Paleo/ Instant Pot / Vitamix/ Healthy meals. At the beginning of the year, I purchased a VitaMix and I am SO excited. I mean it’s literally like 13 appliances all in one, so I can’t wait to use it more and incorporate it into making some healthy and delicious meals this year. So if you have ANY recipes at all- please feel free to share them.


This year I am ALL about finding my Zen and being a more positive person. I tend to stress a lot about the little things, and this year I want to find ways to incorporate being less stressful.  I also want to find all the ways to be a more positive person.  In blogging it is so incredibly easy to get pulled into unnecessary drama, negative thinking, and of course the whole comparison game. Last year, I was FULLY in the comparison game and honestly it made me feel like shit a lot of the time. This year I am all about doing me, staying in my lane, and just being a more positive person. It’s true what they say- “don’t sweat the small stuff” and that is something I am working on. So if you have any recommendations on how- please LET me know!

So there you have it- long winded I know and huge list of things that I am hoping – scratch that – a long list of things I am GOING to achieve this year. From exploring new places to growing a business I am super excited about everything that 2018 has in store for me.  

What are a few things you are hoping to achieve in 2018? Let me know in the comments below…  

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