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Why SKIN INC Rocks…

SKIN INC Personalized Serum-skincare-beauty-MakeupLifeLoveSKIN INC is definitely up there on my list of products that kick serious arse. I mean literally once you try your very own personalized healthy skin helping serum- YOU WILL be hooked. I mean really- you will love it. The stuff is so good that I even got ID’ed the other day- and let me just say… it made my day and my love grow larger. My bottle of goodness has a serious dent in it, so before it is all gone (my reorder already in the works), I am going to bring you a closer look of my SKIN INC #DailyDose Custom Blend Serum…

As you have already seen in my A Skin Inc Moment post, the process to obtaining your own daily dose is super easy and to the point. A questionnaire about lifestyle, environment, areas of concern- and viola you are ready for the amazingness that SKIN INC brings to your skin. My custom skin analysis said my skin was ‘experiencing environmental stress and that it would benefit from additional protection from the environment. By doing so, it would help slow down aging, hyperpigmentation spots, fine lines, wrinkles and sagging’, literally my skin analysis hit it on the head. California weather can be quite wacky at times, although it is usually overly hot, humid with a side of pollution. Basically my skin NEEDS some massive protection, like BIG TIME!

MakeupLifeLove- skincare-SKIN INC-Personalized SerumA bit of ceramide serum tossed with a bit of licorice serum all topped with a bit of french pine bark serum consists of my skin’s daily dose of goodness. The Ceramide Serum helps strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and soothe dehydrated skin. Containing four different types of ceramides, this serum is protected with patented seaweed capsules that release upon application to the skin. The Licorice Serum contains Green Tea extracts and helps calm the skin for irritation and pack a punch of antioxidants. Where The French Pine Bark Serum to help protect the skin from free radical damage, and the signs of aging caused by the exposure to UV rays (i.e-California Sun) All three of these serums combined create a multi-powerful serum ready to give the skin a healthy dose of goodness. The best part of it all, you get to be a skin care mixing scientist for a few moments as you combined all three serums into one- literally I am in love!

SKIN INC- serum-skincare-MakeupLifeLoveMy personalized daily dose has been added into my skin care regimen, you know the drill: after cleansing, before moisturizer, after or on its own after toning (totally your choice)- twice a day. Personally I apply 3 drops after toning, allow it to sink into the skin before adding my moisturizer. Literally once applied to the skin- your skin just looks healthy- like immediately!  You look rested, awake, hydrated, plump and all those other emotions you want to feel when you know you are having a GREAT ‘healthy’ skin day. Literally my sleep starve skin drinks this goodness up- ASAP!

I don’t know if SKIN INC has magical powers or what, but my complexion lately is luminous, healthy and hydrated. I mean, HOW does it do it? I am not sure, but one thing I do know, SKIN INC truly rocks! If you thought that was a rave, just wait until I bring you my SKIN INC skin perfecting add on’s. Stay tuned- there is more love to come….


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