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The Makeup Essential: An ode to Eye Makeup Remover

Usually when I head to purchase something new I tend to write it down, add it to my list of ‘things I need, want and must purchase’. Yet for some reason I never tend to have eye makeup remover on that list.  Not sure if it is because eye makeup remover to me is almost as essential as skincare.  However this time around a new item that is much talked about in the blog world made my list… Sooooooo I had to instantly run out and go buy it. Test it out and see how it compared to my other eye makeup removers… I now bring you…. The Ode to Eye Makeup Removers…

Ever since running out on my urgent whim I have recently been reaching the Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover $26.50 USD daily. This product has quite the cult following in the beauty world and is much talking about in the beauty blog world. It is a gentle eye makeup remover that literally helps remove the most stubborn eye makeup with one instant swipe across the lids. I was quite impressed with this product when it effortlessly defeated my waterproof mascara, as I didn’t believe that something would help with the stubborn eye makeup like MAC Cosmetics Gently Off Lip and Eye Makeup Remvoer $20 USD. Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover is a ‘beautiful blue wonder in a bottle’ wont sting even the most sensitive eyes. You just shake the bottle, mix the solution and soak up a cotton pad and hold over the eyes for about 10 seconds…. Swipe… and be-gone the most stubborn waterproof mascara or long wearing, waterproof eye liner. This stuff is phenomenal and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone that would listen. {including contact lens wearers} A sudden beauty holy grail of removers.

Another great remover for a much cheaper price is the NuanceCucumber & Rosewater DualPhase Makeup Remover $7.99. On a recent outing to CVS to pick up a refill on some body lotion; I ran across this makeup remover and let me just say I love this stuff. It is sting proof and smells amazing. Breaks down makeup {including waterproof} as well as helps soften the skin all while the rosewater helps sooth skin and lift up impurities. It reminds me of a more rose smelling version of my trusty Lancome Bi-facil Double Action Eye MakeupRemover $28 USD. I often tend to use this eye makeup remover on the nights I feel as though my skin needs a bit of hydration. Since it is full of hydrating properties it is my newest go to after being out in the sun all day long or when I feel my skin needs a added oomph of moisture. Followed with a good face washing, a swipe of toner, throw on my moisturizing duo and eye cream and voila…. Ready for either to take the day by storm or head to bed blissfully free of any makeup.

So there you have it… two different price points of eye makeup removers for your liking. Both are dual action, and hands down brilliant. Which will you use? Or have you tried any already….What is your current eye makeup remover of choice?!? 

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