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The New Thing: Clarins Love Affair

There are a few things that can be dropped into my beauty radar that get me going… And when I say get me going… I mean in constant hysteria until I can grasp my palms on those products.  Ok I lie… anything that has to do with skincare, I am usually in instant awww and lust for that product.  In the blogosphere a ton of hype was always placed around Clarins products. And let me tell you, after loads of research I had to see what all the hype was about. Clarins was created and founded in 1954 by Jacques Courtin Clarins in Paris, where he opened shop and began to pride the company production on 100% pure plant oils. The products are straight from the plant into the bottle, and let me tell you… IMPRESSED!!!

So I marched on over to my local Clarins counter, to check and see what the line was all about.  Anything that has to do with Parisian skincare… I am sold upon first sight. Instant lourve!!! So what have we got here? Well I decided to pick out the Beauty Flash Balm, a skin pick me up that revives skin almost instantly. It works amazing as a makeup primer/ skin moisturizer. The best part is that it is multi- taskable. It can be used as a quick pick me up face mask when skin is feeling a bit down… and you all know I love me some multi tasking products…  Next up I grabbed the holy grail of all eye makeup removers. Hands down probably the best eye makeup remover that I have ever tried… Eeeeeekkkkk!!! Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover , is a dual phased lotion that is quickly having me switch from my beloved Lancome Bi-facil. This eye makeup remover leaves skin feeling clean, no residue and even helps get off the stubborn waterproof mascara. 

The last two products have got to be some of the best in their class.  Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash, is an uber amazing eye cream. Helps revive those tired eyes on nights when you just didn’t seem to get enough sleep. Filled with all sorts of goodies such as White Tea extracts and rose petals, the eye balm help with fine lines, dark circles, and helps hydrate and de-puff. Instant love for this product when I tried it and literally 5 minutes later those dreaded dark circles disappeared and my eyes seemed more awake and alert. Bonus points for being amazing as a eye primer for concealer. This stuff helped maintain a non crease-able days worth of concealer. Last but not least is the holy grail of face oils. Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil, is a phenom in a bottle. I adore this brilliant yellow oil. Upon application it leaves skin hydrated and soft as silk. I have always been a bit skeptical on facial oils as many people tend to be. But this treatment oil is something I finding my skin cannot live without.  The oil promises to purify, hydrate, tone and balance oily skin and let me tell you. It lives up to its hype. It is AH-MAZING!!!-  mind blowing products.­

Four great new additions to the skincare stash, and hands down very much impressed with the entire Clarins line. I have a few more beauty bits that I plan to add to my skincare stash ASAP. My instant love affair with Clarins has begun and I don’t see it ending anytime soon at all–Extra skincare affection added to my daily routine and a continuing love affair… Stay tuned….

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