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What a week….

Happy Sunday Everyone!! I hope that you are having an amazing week so far. I know I am! {huge hug to everyone}. It has been exactly one week since I decided to start to put my thoughts and open myself up to the daily life of blogging. Exactly one week!

I can honestly say that this week has probably been one of the best weeks so far. I took a risk, I opened myself up to a world of unknown possibilities; and the best part is I am super excited to see what is in store. I never, never, NEVER would have thought in a million years that I would be blogging about the things that I love most. The things that make me super, duper, smiley and happy. Building a blog is a lot of work; and I am excited that while I am starting of slow and gaining followers {thanks to everyone} I have learned a few things this week.

  • Always follow your heart. It make you feel better, make you smile, and make you succeed even if you haven’t at the moment. You can never, ever go wrong when you follow your heart!
  • Every time you take a leap of faith; God always blesses you with the things you need at that moment. It can be something so small as a smile from the lady at Starbucks to something big like a amazing sponsorship deal from a beauty brand. Literally HE will bless you. If you ask and you believe YOU WILL receive.
  • I seriously have some of the most supporting friends in the world. They believe in me more than I might believe in myself at times. I am utterly, truly blessed for the great people that I know, have known and can call more than friends. They are like family.
  • I have a pretty amazing family! When things are tough, or you have a crazy idea; your family will ALWAYS be there to help. They will always be supportive, help you think of great ideas, and help you strive harder to be the best you that you can be!!! {love}
  • That after the rain, the sky is the most amazing shade of happiness EVER!!! It was like Mother Nature {a typical girl} had to cry her heart out in order to move forward and be happy! And for that I am thankful; enter amazing sunshine after a cloudy morning. God’s grace can only bring the most amazing glory.
  • I am literally obsessed with Target more than I already was. Nate Berkus for Target is slowly but surely taking over my home decor and changing my vision around. I am obsessed!!! And HELLO!!! who can’t use a beautiful gold urchin for $9.99. It just an instant quirky happiness aspect to it.
  • That I truly enjoy weddings. I love wedding makeup, I love working with brides, and seeing them on their beautiful day. I love being a part of something that is so great. {enter the push need to follow more into my dream of success….. stay tuned}
  • Caramel Macchiatos at Starbucks are literally a slice of heaven in your mouth. {ok weird description, but truth} The have the flavorful blend of espresso mixed with milk and caramel. My mouth is watering at the thought of this right now!!
  • I am utterly, totally obsessed with trying new skin care products. I literally have the dream of one day owning my own skin care line. And I cant wait to share that journey with you all!!!
Well that wraps up the weekend and one of the best weeks ever. I cant wait to continue to share with you all the great things to come.{and not so great things- Blind dates}. Upcoming this week; I am excited for some additions that will be made. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone that stops by and visits. I am truly blessed.
Has everyone had a amazing week so far? I would love to hear!!
Have a wonderful week!!
xoxo- Jamie
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