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You make me wanna say I DO!!!

Good Morning Everyone {huge hug and smile}; hope everyone is having a wonderful, wonderful Saturday so far. In good old Southern California we are currently having some weird weather and it is currently cold and rainy. {I know.. I know… poor California}. But anyways… Since I am home and staying dry; I decided to share some beautiful pictures of my friend Rachelle on her special day. I was truly, utterly blessed to be able to be a part of a beautiful day filled with fun, laughs, tears, and memories. Rachelle had me do her bridal makeup for her day.. which for all you makeup artists; you know that is a HUGE, HUGE honor. I mean a bride trusting you to make her look like a perfectly, beautiful version of her already beautiful self. AMAZE!!!  Rachelle is already such a beautiful woman both inside and outside and it shows. Her and her husband Jeramie are literally a God given match; and it shows through effortlessly.

Since every season is wedding season I decided to give some Quick Tips for future brides to utilize on their special day. Hope you enjoy!!

Quick Tip#1– Moisturizer your skin. A beautiful face starts literally from within. Sooooooo that means to not only moisturize on the outside with a great moisturizer but you have to replenish and moisturize from the inside with tons of water!!! Which means to drink those recommended 8 glasses a day!!!
 {For a great moisturizer -I recommend Yes! to Carrots Nourishing /Repairing Night Cream- this moisturizer is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! It is 98% natural, paraban, sulfate,mineral oil and cruelty -free. Which means it perfect for everyone. Especially those with dry skin. If you have normal/combo skin you may want to use it only at night as directed since it can cause you to be a bit oil if used in the day. But literally this cream smells great, makes your skin super, duper soft, and it a winter dry skin savior!!!}
Quick Tip #2-  Be a better version of YOU!!! Please, please, please do NOT under any circumstances decide that since you are getting married today of all days is the day to do EVERY makeup trend that you have ever wanted to try! Because lets be honest ladies YOU have to look at those pictures year after year even when you are old; and you don’t want to look back in a month, a year, or 10 years and think “WHAT the heck was I thinking”. Your wedding day is a day to shine, a day to feel like a princess, a day that all your dreams come true as you marry your partner, you lover, your best friend; NOT a day to decide that you want to have a smokey eye, dark Brooke Shields like eyebrows and a hot pink lip because it looks good on Rhianna. So please if anything THIS is the most important tip to listen to.
Quick Tip #3-  Cake face is NOT attractive. I know that you want perfect, flawless skin on your special day. But layers and layer is NOT the way to achieve it. A primer based on your skin type,an eye cream to help prime the eye area,  a great medium-to-full coverage foundation, a skin concealer, a under eye concealer {skin concealer is a thicker more dry formula meant for your face only. Do NOT put a face concealer {like MAC Studio Fix Concealer} under your eyes. It is too thick, too dry feeling , and will crease all over your under eyes. Use a creamy under eye concealer {like here and here} and I promise you this will make you look alive, refreshed, and NOT creasey. A perfect setting powder that will help set the makeup, a great blush, a bit of bronzer for contouring purposes, a quick curl of the lashes, a lengthening and volumizing mascara, {some false lashes if you want} and  a great lipstick and you are ready to walk down the isle and marry the love of your life.
Quick Tip #4-  SMILE!!! Happiness and smiling are literally the best cosmetic that anyone can ever have. This is your big day and you should have TONS to smile about. Don’t let the small things get to you. The florist is late, the centerpieces don’t look the way you wanted them to. Who cares!!!! Everything will work its way out the way it needs to, and just think people don’t come to weddings to check out the flowers, the centerpieces, or even the location. They don’t care! People come to weddings to be a part of the memories and the joy that their friends are celebrating. Being asked to come to a wedding, be in a wedding is a HUGE deal. People are honored; especially considering how much weddings cost. So SMILE!! After the day is over you won’t remember the bad, you will only remember the look of everyones face as you walked down the isle; the priceless look of your groom as he saw you for the first time, the feeling that you got when you were announced man and wife. So enjoy the day and be HAPPY!!!
What are some of your special tips for brides to be?!? I would love to hear your thoughts!!
xoxo- Jamie
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