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Wishful Wednesday Part V // Change Your Mind

Good Morning everyone!!! Hope your week if flying by and going good. Can you believe that is week five of Wishful Wednesday’s? Wow time really does fly. I hope that you all are getting that Mid-week Inspiration that is much needed in the daily grind of life. I can’t even begin to tell you how much it means to me to hear your thoughts and ideas of the weekly posts. {Huge hugs}!!!

The past few weeks I have been trying to add some Mid-week, much needed inspiration to my own life. I have changed things in my routine, changed my thoughts, and tried to just enjoy life to the fullest. I will say this past week has been a really rough one, especially since so many things right now are hectic {some good and some not so good- but everything happens for a reason, right?} Todays Mid-week Inspiration is a simple one-à

If you can change your mind; YOU can change your life…

This seems to resonate with me a lot lately; as I have been trying super hard to utilize the power of ‘The Secret’, positive thinking, and just overall pushing myself to obtain and reach my goals in both my personal and professional life.  What are some things that you are doing to make changes in your life?

I have been making a couple of life changing decisions as of late, and I am can’t wait to share some of them with you soon. {Great things to come for Makeup, Life and Love}. So this week I challenge you all too change one thing. Whether it be something small like waking up early, or something challenging like the trying to stay positive when times are rough- whatever it is- I challenge YOU! Are you with me?  I promise you that whatever you change it will make a HUGE difference in life and be totally worth it. So let’s do this together. Today change your thinking and remember- If you can change your mind; YOU can change your life!!!
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