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Ha Ha Ha… I Work Out….

Work Out-MakeupLifeLove-exercise-healthy-healthy livingDespite the usual array of makeup shots and sometimes amazing food picks on my Instagram, or the oh so important cocktail or two, the contents of my wardrobe on the weeknights are taking a turn towards the athletic side of things. Exercise has started to makes it way into my daily agenda, and all in all I can honestly say I am starting to like the results- better sleep, more energy- all solid goodness for this insomniac. However I have a while to go until I get to a spot that I will be happy with, and being as my whole life I did cheer and gymnastics- its time for me to get this b*tch back into shape for sure and start to work out again. But on a side note lets not get too carried away, since I still can’t run around a mile without panting for air-but its time to figure it out.  Here are a few tips  that I decided I need in this journey along the way to fit…

1. Get The Gear: This is number one because honestly if you want to get moving, you have to look the part. I know for me personally I feel a TON better working out in actual work out clothes. Besides if you dress the part to workout, it almost helps add a bit of fire to your arse to get moving.

2. Inspiration For Days: Nowadays you can find motivation and workout inspiration by browsing through Pinterest for some great quotes, Instagram for some solid workout challenges or look to friends for much-needed inspiration- hello Hairspray and Highheels and the #noexcuses challenge I am talking to you! :)

3. The Flex Belt*: Ok so lets take a minute and discuss this awesomeness. This belt* is hands down phenomenal. Sometimes troubled areas, aka- stomach area; are at times tough to get into shape no matter how great you eat, how many crunches you do. That’s when this comes in to play- holy wow- it is LIFE CHANGING! And I promise that is not an exaggeration at all. Proven to tighten, strengthen and firm the stomach muscles while a solid pulse action of core technology to help stimulate the ab muscles. 30 minutes a day , this stuff is my go to for sure. I put the belt on prior walking my re-habbing puppy and hands down, afterwards my stomach is tight and sore-in all the best ways. And besides anything to help get Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna’s rock hard abs- I am SOLD! Right now you can save 25% off of this amazing ab crunching belt here.

Work Out-MakeupLifeLove-exercise-healthy-healthy living

4. Curb The Sweets: I am not a hard-core sweets person by nature, but I am a die-hard Diet Coke drinker- I know so bad. So when I am craving a bit of carbonation into my daily water intake, I have been turning to a bit of help from Keurig Vitamin Burst K-Cups {review here} or to help with a sweet tooth, I add a bit of fruit based ice cubes- makes drinking loads of water so much easier. Craving solved!

5. Go BIG:Commit yourself BIG TIME, and take all accountability. Make yourself dedicated, schedule time to work out- BLOCK OUT THAT CALENDAR. Get moving! Set a goal and give yourself a prize when you accomplish it. For me, it’s a huge beauty splurging day at the spa when I reach my loss of 10 pounds goal. Just the thought of that hot stone massage, makes me want to lace my tennis shoes and go work out.

6. Find Your Thang: Whether your thing is running for days, speed walking with the best of them, getting screamed during boot camp, pilates, yoga, or working out from your living room- as long as you are finding it bearable. Give it all you got and get your sweat on- it’s always easier when you’re sweating and having fun.

Andddd….. now back to tying those laces- it’s time to get my run on…

Words of Wisdom-Quote-Motivation-Workout Motivation


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