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Wishful Wednesday // Mid Week Inspiration


Let’s talk about Wednesday’s- it’s considered to be a hump day, it’s the middle of the week; and the countdown to the weekend. But really is that all a Wednesday is ? A mid-way point to the weekend… hmmmmm…. 

Maybe you are sitting at your desk at work, maybe you are just getting out of bed, or better yet maybe just maybe you are watching the sunrise on a much needed vacation.  Whether you are a mom, and you’re stressed out with the kiddos, you’re a wife –trying to figure out the weekend; or you’re a commuter sitting in your care because of that oh so lovely traffic. Today is another day that you are alive.  I get that to many Wednesday’s mean the week is almost over; but sometimes you honestly just have to sit back and enjoy every breath that life has granted you with.  Sometimes you have to relax and smell the roses…. {I know… I know…. very cliché}
Lately I have been trying to do my best with learning to sit back relax. To just enjoy the moments in life.  But I am not gonna lie, it is a bit hard- especially when I think of the long list of things I need to have done and that there is not enough time in the day! But I can honestly say that it has started to make me appreciate every moment in the day. Whether it is the long commute to my daily job, or the line at Starbucks while waiting for a Caramel Macchiato- life has a way of surprising you daily if you allow it….

I have been reading a ton of lifestyle blogs lately and many have been starting some really great series. Sooooo I decided that I want to start a new series as well- I’d like to call it:  “Wishful Wednesdays”. This will be that mid-week pick me up that is needed. They say that by Wednesdays your stress levels are at their highest; your skin is at its saddest, and your basically just coexisting until you hit Friday. 

So with that said- I would like to challenge you for the next 6 weeks to try and make Wednesday’s a great day. Fill it with motivation, skincare saviors, a blissful beauty routine, or just a solid workout. Whatever is your pleasure- try to make Wednesday’s no longer about counting down to the weekend; but rather a day to cherish and pamper yourself and enjoy the moments of the day as they come.  Just think of everything you can accomplish and view on a Wednesday if you sat back, enjoyed the day and took every moment in.  You could come up with the next big idea, watch your baby take their first steps, be there for a friend in need, or smile at a complete stranger who really needs it.

Let’s be honest time is always ticking and is of the essence. But sometimes we are so captured in time that we forget to slow down and just feel. Today is the day to start living.

What all could you accomplish, if you decided to live your life today?

Today is the day to start. Do that kind gesture for someone. Learn to take that cooking class that you haven’t had time for. Go hit the gym hard like you meant to last week. Sit back and treasure the moments of the day.  Today is the day to start.

What is something that want to try today? What are you sitting back and relaxing at? I would love to hear- you can leave it in the comments or shoot me an email….

Take a deep breath and breathe; the day is only just beginning.

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