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The Rules: Skin Care Basics

Let’s talk about skin care…. To me a skincare routine is pretty complicated and confusing. It is different for everyone. Not to mention sometimes TOO many rules!! {I mean who follows a 5 piece routine?!?!?} After trial and error and TONS of money and complicated breakouts… I have alas found the perfect skin care routine for me. Gone are the days of random skin reactions, oily, shiny mid day encounters, dry skin patches randomly and the oh so accidental run it with what I thought was eczema {when in turn I semi-burned my skin giving myself a at home face peel… BAD IDEA}. So in a effort to save people the tremendous disasters with skin that I have gone through; I decided to put together a few skin care routine basics…. {Please keep in mind I am NOT a doctor at all; nor am I licensed. I am sharing with you things that I have read via different sources, watched or just plain trial and error. If you are worried about your skin in any way please always consult a doctor}.
First things first…. Washing the face! Now I totally thought that I was washing my face the right way and doing everything right. Enter “How to Clean Your Face” posted by Into the Gloss. Following New York based facialist Isabelle Bellis this video details the correct techniques on how to thoroughly cleanse your face {and how to beware of tugging skin, creating wrinkles… eeeek} based upon this video I have learned woozers I have been washing part of my face correctly. {Isabelle’s motto is : treat your skin like silk… delicate} Picking a cleanser is a key part in washing your face. You need to ensure that it is correct for your specific skin type.

If you have dry skin {think flakey patches, flakey skin, dry around the eyes} then you need something that is really going to add tons of moisture to your skin.  For dry skin cleansing balms, cream cleansers usually tend to work the best. Whereas, oily skin usually will need something to help tone down and control the oil. {Think gel cleansers, foaming cleansers, and even oil based cleanser} Oily skin usually is due to the skin being off balanced and trying super hard to produce oil to hydrate and balance the skin… causing your skin to over produce therefore making you oily.  

Next most important thing to remember is ALWAYS wear sunscreen. Whether you are just walking outside to the mailbox… PLEASE make sure to wear sunscreen. Using a SPF even if it is just a SPF 15 this will help ensure that you are protected from sun damage and the oh so dreaded SKIN CANCER!! I happen to use a daily face moisturizer that has an SPF 15; and I also wear a foundation that also contains an SPF. {Mind you I work inside all day long} in the winter times I continue to follow this SPF rule cause living in California we always have some sort of sunshine peaking through {and yes I have learned that even with overcast you can still get sunburned and tanned}

A frequent question that I often get asked “Is what order do you put on your skin care products?” Well after multiple times of trial and error I have learned the correct way to put this on. {**KEY RULE:Thinnest products/most easily absorbed first then work your way forward onto the heavier ones} My day time routine usually goes a bit like this:

** When cleansing make sure to get the neck, work cleanser into the hair line, and over the eyebrows {all those areas need help} And always wash with tepid {luke warm} water. Hot water might be amazing feeling; however it can irritate your skin and break capillaries {those nasty red/purple vein like spots… think hickey}.
My nighttime routine on the other hand is way more thorough that my morning routine { I usually have makeup to take off… PLEASE don’t sleep in your makeup}:

 For me I go from lightest to thickest. Hence the serum and eye cream before the moisturizer… {by putting a thick cream on first… it can prevent the serum, and eye cream from being absorbed into the skin correctly} I also tend to do a face mask once a week and exfoliate my skin 2 times a week. {too much exfoliation can cause your skin to breakout, dry out and be overall just raw}. ** Another great tip is to wait about 10 minutes from the time that you put your serums/oils, etc… on your skin to allow the maximum amount of absorption into your skin.
Remember if you are looking to start a skincare regardless of your price range; make sure to do some research first.  I am willing to spend more money on my skin rather than other things due to the fact that your skin can’t be changed or enhanced {without chemicals, injections, cosmetic surgery} besides your skin is the first thing that you see in the mirror. So for me I choose to take care of my skin and am willing to invest in some products that I have learned work best for me.

Once you find what you like… STICK with it for at least 6 months. Many people often change their routines so quickly that their skin often freaks out. Make sure when starting out with a skin care routine start with a cleanser {based on your skin type} and invest in a good moisturizer that contains sunscreen at least an SPF 15. And invest in a thicker cream for night {without SPF in it}. From these basics you can later introduce serums, eye creams, oils, etc… based on skin concerns.

Last but not least DRINK water. I cannot tell you how much drinking water helps your skin. A quick rule to think of ** drink HALF your body weight in ounces** this will help ensure that you are getting hydrated from the inside out and trust me this will reflect on your skin. BIG TIME!!!

What are some of your skin care tips? I would love to hear… 

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